Why Is Dark Chocolate Way Better For Your Own Health?

Eating dark chocolate is fast and yummy way if you want to have better health. His main ingredients are antioxidants, which are number 1 in preventing blood pressure related issues.

It is good for the heart and for the circulation.

Dark chocolate is really good for the heart mainly because of the flavonoids, which are plenty.

Flavonoids are antioxidant, which are helping the heart to function well:

  1. Lower levels of blood pressure: It still isn’t known in which way flavonoids are lowering the blood pressure, but according to the researches it has been shown that this has been happening.
  2. Having low cholesterol: You wont believe it! But flavonoids can enlarge the level of the “good cholesterol” which is regulation the “bad cholesterol”.
  3. It is preventing blood clotting and it has positive impact on overall cardiovascular health.
  4. Lower risk of experiencing a stroke. All because dark chocolate is regulating the blood pressure and along with that it lowers the risk of having a stroke.
  5. Lower risk of all heart problems: Eating dark chocolate much often can lower the risk of all heart related issues.

It can reduce inflammation

Because of the anti-inflammatory features it can help the organism fight even more with the inflammation.

It is really superior for the brain functions.

It has been said that flavonoids can increase the blood flow to the brain. That’s why the brain has more oxygen which means that the risk of having Alzheimer disease is lowered.

A research has shown that flavonoids also have very effective impact on the brain activity and can improve thinking and memory. Students all over the world ear dark chocolate before exams because it has been shown as effective because it helps staying focused and memorizing things.

It is lowering antioxidants stress in the body

Those antioxidants that the dark chocolate has can help a person feel less stressed and tense.

When buying dark chocolate keep this in mind:

Make sure that when buying a dark chocolate you are actually buying a product with higher percentage of cocoa. By consuming higher percentage of cocoa you are consuming less sugar.

It will be just enough if you only eat 20 grams a day and it is recommended to buy a chocolate with 80% cocoa.

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