Your Eye Color Reveals Your Personality

The color of our eyes is a big part of your appearance. The eyes can tell a lot about how a person feels as well as the personality which was shown by one Swedish study. Several scientists at Orebro University in Sweden have conducted a study with 428 participants. Their goal was to determine the link between the participants’ eye color and their personalities.

If you have dark brown or black eyes, you likely share many of the same traits as people with light or medium brown eyes. However, you’re probably even more confident than your brown-eyed companions.

People with this eye color are natural born leaders and total bosses who are always ready to take on the world.

If you have dark brown or black eyes, you’re never one to follow the crowd — but you do expect the crowd to follow you without missing a beat.

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If you have hazel eyes …

The folks at Utah Valley Eye Center explain that the unique coloring of hazel eyes “is a result of the combination of brown and amber with a unique scattering of light. For this reason, hazel eyes often appear to change colors; more green, amber, or brown depending on their environment.”

The greenish-brown mix of hazel eyes is an uncommon color, as only 5% of the world population have amber or hazel eyes — and that goes perfectly with your personality.

Hazel-eyed people are truly one-of-a-kind. Much like the unique color scheme of their eyes, no two personalities will ever really be anything alike. That’s why it can be hard to pinpoint exact traits for this eye color.

However, one common trait these people usually have is independence — which obviously meshes well with their distinctive eye color.

You’re also incredibly hard to read, but your mysteriousness is what really catches people’s eyes. We couldn’t resist that one.

If you have green eyes …

Only 2% of the world population has green eyes.

Many say green is the most exotic and seductive eye color, and apparently, science agrees.

In one study, 29% of participants associated green eyes with sexiness, whiile 25% think of people with green eyes as creative and 20% consider then to be “a little devious.”

And as is most appropriate for eyes the color of envy itself, of the 60% of study participants who wish they could change the color or their own eyes, 27% would choose green for their own if the option was available.

Of course, green-eyed people have more to offer than their strikingly attractive looks. The balance of melanin in green eyes contributes to a nice mix of brown eye and blue eye personality traits.

People with green eyes have the pleasant demeanor of their brown-eyed friends and the strength and carefulness that comes with blue eyes. Green-eyed people tend to be rather unpredictable, creative and capable of taking care of business even when things get stressful.

If you have blue eyes …

Welcome to the world, blue-eyed people!

Researchers at Copenhagen University found that blue eyes are “a genetic mutation which took place 6-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today,” i.e. a relatively new phenomenon in the long history of human evolution.

Essentially, this meant that all blue-eyed people, who make up 8-10% of the world’s population, are related, in that they all share a single ancestor in common.

The light blue hue of this eye color is sometimes associated with being soft and timid. However, blue-eyed people are actually the opposite of these things. In fact, people with blue eyes just might be the strongest of us all, as studies have found that people with blue eyes are better able to tolerate pain than those with any other eye color.

Dr. Inna Belfer of Pittsburgh University found that women with blue or green eyes “seemed to cope with childbirth the best. Not only did they become less anxious once their baby had arrived, they also were less likely to become depressed” than women with brown or hazel eyes.

Those with blue eyes know how to manage their emotions and can handle the negative ones remarkably well. Cautiousness is also in your nature, so you tend to evaluate people and situations carefully before ever diving in headfirst.

People often mistake these qualities for being untrustworthy or arrogant, but that’s only because they didn’t take the time to really look into your baby blues and see who you really are.

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