9 secrets hidden behind the famous logos

Many of the popular logos we see almost every day sometimes have a completely mystical creation story.

In some brands, you can see encrypted characters and messages that are specially designed by designers to attract the attention of consumers of today’s famous brands.

1. This man’s name is actually Frank Brown

The well-known brand of rice and other food products appeared on the American market in 1943. And from 1946, on the logo of the packaging of the company’s products, the image of an elderly African-American began to be placed. His real name is Frank Brown and he was the head waiter. He was spotted by the company’s owners during a dinner at a Chicago hotel, and bought a small amount of the rights to use his character’s products.

2. Logo of the manufacturer of electric vehicles and ovaries

Tesla Motors was founded in July 2003 by engineers Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpening. The company’s name is a tribute to Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla.

On social networks, you can find some opinions about the origin of the company’s logo. Some users believe that the female reproductive system inspired the designer’s logo. Others believe the company’s logo is a cat’s nose, which even Elon Musk jokingly confirmed on Twitter.

In fact, the company’s logo shows part of an electric motor, designed by Nicolas Tesla in 1883.

3. Cookie in the logo

In the logo of the popular American sweets is hidden a chocolate cake in the form of a tear.

4. Famous image in the brand name of a fashion brand

The creation of the Quiksilver logo in 1973 by the company’s founders, Alan Green and John Lowe, was inspired by the engraving of Japanese artist Katsushiki Hokusai “The Big Wave in Kanagawa”.

5. Logo that should hypnotize

The logo of the Italian fashion house Versace was designed in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Medusa’s marble head is the main inspiration. He chose Medusa because she “hypnotized” people. He hoped his company would have the same impact on people who wear clothing and shoes made by the brand.

6. Fairy, not a falling star

The Walt Disney Pictures logo appears at the beginning of all movies produced by the film studio. It almost always depicts a fairytale castle from the stories of the Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella of the Magic Kingdom, whose prototype was the castle of Bavarian King Ludwig II Neuschwanstein near the German city of Fisen.

However, few realize that the star is not falling, but it is the fairy Zvonchica from Peter Pan.

7. Growth effect

The trademark of the French cream cheese shows a cow wearing earrings with the company’s logo, so the cow on those earrings also wears earrings with the logo and so on to infinity. This is called the scab effect.

8. Space meatballs

This logo, which NASA employees jokingly call a bucket, was created by employee James Modarelli in 1959. The emblem contains references to various aspects in the study of aeronautics and space exploration.

The round blue shape of the sign represents our planet. The stars represent the universe. The red bow is a symbol of aeronautics. The white trail moving in orbit around the agency’s name represents space travel.

9. Cities encrypted in the name of the company

The logo of the oil company actually hides the first letters of the names of the cities of the workers in the oil industry Langepas, Urai, Kogalym and the word oil.

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