Six boys survived 15 months on a desert island after their boat sank

“The Lord of the Flies” tells a terrifying story of what happens if a group of young boys stay on a desert island: chaos, terror and death.

However, the story of this book is used as an assumption about what could happen, but few people know that there is a real version of the story, but it has a much happier ending.

A 1966 article in The Australian newspaper The Age testifies to how six boys were found on a rocky island south of Tonga called Ata. But fortunately, after more than a year on a desert island, the boys were rescued by a sailor named Peter Warner, and they were all alive and well.

Peter traveled home from Tasmania in the winter of 1966 when he came across Ata and noticed something unusual: there were burning parts of the green rocks. It was nothing compared to what he saw next. A naked boy jumped into the water and started screaming for help.

The boys – Stefan, Sione, Kolo, David, Luca and Mano – told Peter they were students at a boarding school in Nuculola, Tongan’s capital, and ended up on the island after “borrowing” a boat one day in 1965 from a non-fishing fisherman. they liked it and the storm took them to the island of Ata.

Peter did not believe them at first and decided to check them out on the radio. Twenty minutes later, the operator said: “You have found them! These boys are considered dead. Funeral services were held. If that’s them, that’s a miracle! “

So how exactly did they survive? They were stranded at sea for eight days, and their ship was destroyed when they saw the island of Ata. They divided the jobs into three teams, one team of gardeners, the other cooks and the third guards. The boys, aged between 13 and 16, prayed and sang songs in the morning and evening, and when some of them started arguing, they gave themselves a “time out.”

They also had difficult days during the summer, when it rarely rained, so the children were dehydrated. Stefan also broke his leg, so his friends tied him up with leaves and sticks. The boys survived initially on fish, coconuts, birds and seabirds, but after discovering an ancient volcanic crater at the top of the island, they ate wild taro, bananas and chickens.

After being rescued on September 11, 1966, they were taken home only to be arrested because the fisherman from whom they stole the ship, Mr. Taninela Uhila, decided to sue them. Fortunately for the boys, Peter rescued them once more and paid Mr. Uhila 150 pounds for his old boat, ensuring the release of the boys from prison.

He later ordered a new ship and hired all the boys as part of his crew, giving them the opportunity to see the world outside of Tonga.

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